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Migrashop is an automatic data migration of Ecommerce sites. The service performs the migration of items such as products, categories, customers, orders from a site to another.
The migration process is very simple and automatic.
Simply select the type of e-commerce (source and destination) and set the Execution Type to 'Demo' or 'Full Extraction'. The Demo option performs a short migration, you can download the output for free. The option 'Full Extraction' executes the migration of all data.
At the end of the migration you will receive a mail notification; the result of the migration is a downloadable file, stored as SQL script in your Migrashop's private area.
For all migration types, you can migrate entities such as categories, products, customers, orders, and much more.

Sure! Migration offers a free demo data migration. The free service performs the migration of 3 orders and all the elements related to it (eg. customers, products, categories, etc.).
The free service includes the following activities:
- Migration Setup
- Migration Monitoring
- Migration Validation Results

The price varies according to the number of elements to be migrated. The price starts from 39 Euro.
The price includes, in addition to data migration, the following services:
- Migration Setup
- Migration Monitoring
- Migration Validation Results
- Techical Support: 14 Days, starting on the availability of the results of the migration.

In general terms, the setup consists of the following activities:
- Verify connectivity to the source site and the destination site
- Copy of the configuration files ('bridge' and 'token') in the source site and the destination site
- Test to verify the correct placement of the 'bridge' and 'token'
- Select the type of e-commerce on the site source and destination
- Setting of (URL) of the source site and destinatione
- Select the type of migration (demo or full) and the elements to be migrated (categories, products, customers, orders)

The Bridge creates a link between Migrashop's Service and your data; this component is used for the data migration. The Bridge will not modify your data.

The Token is key used to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your source/target site.

The elements migrated depend on the type of migration (ecommerce source and destination); please see the types of supported migration.
For almost all migration types, you can migrate entities such as:
- currencies
- manufacturers
- languages
- categories
- products
- product variants
- customers
- orders
- product images (links)
- category images (links)

The service migration migrates the image path, not the real image.

You should copy all the images from the source site to the destination site.

For example, in case of migration to magento, you should copy the images (categories / products) under these folders:



No. The service does not perform any write operation on your site, and the data processing is performed on the Migrashop's Server.

The type of payment accepted is Paypal.

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