The use of Migrashop is very easy, just follow these steps:




1 Register an Account

Fill in the registration form to create your account.
After the registration, you will receive an Email with two files: the Bridge and the Token file.

The Token is used to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your source/target site.
The Bridge is used for the data migration.

User Registration



choose source target

2 Create New Migration

To start your migration, log in to your Migrashop account and click Setup.
Specify Source and Target Site
Select the type of e-commerce for source/target site.
Select the URL of the bridge on the source/target site.
Insert the prefix table, referring to the source/target database. Example: if the database tables all begin with 'mage_', then the table prefix is 'mage_'.



3 Specify Migration Type

Set the Execution Type to 'Demo' or 'Full Extraction'.
The Demo option performs a reduced migration for demonstration purposes on a limited number of entities (products/customers/orders) for free. The option 'Full Extraction' does the migration of all data.




4 Choose the Entities for Migration

Select the entities you would like to migrate, for example, categories, products, customers, orders. 




choose elemets

You can also select additional migration options.





5 Confirm Migration

After having entered your data setup, the system creates a new job in the queue. You can track the progress by clicking on 'Migrations', or may continue to browse freely.



6 Check Migration Results

Once migration is complete, the system will send you a notification email.
The results of the migration will be stored as SQL script in your private area 'Products'.
Download and import the script on the target site.




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